Crys’Style Miracle Hair Serum

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  • Removes excessive build up
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Adds shine
  • Quick absorbing and lightweight
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Perfect for your scalp during micro links or a weave install
  • Filled with essential oils to combat dry scalp.
  • can be used as a sit under treatment or daily use 

Crys’Style Miracle Drops GOLD. Comes in 3 different scents. This hair and scalp serum is filled with essential oils to combat dry scalp, aid in hair loss, and offers a lightweight shine to hair. Crys’Style Miracle Drops are infused with cooling peppermint to enhance blood circulation. Scent Minty has The tea tree oil which helps to cleanse the scalp and combat dryness. Aloe extracts, Jojoba and Castor oil assist with nourishing and moisturizing the hair follicles to prevent breakage and shedding. Miracle Drops are sure to leave your scalp feeling tingly and refreshed.  Scent Rose has all of the essential oils above but instead of peppermint the rose helps to reduce inflammation. Can use daily and doesn’t make sure oily but give you the perfect shine.  Also available in Lavender.  Perfect for your hair, skin, and scalp.

Dab the dropper onto scalp area, or targeted hair loss areas. Massage the Miracle Drop oil into those areas thoroughly with finger pads. Best to apply at the beginning of your day. Do not cover up hair with scarf after application. Apply 3-5 times per week. Take a before and after picture to track progress. Expected results are typically between 4-6 weeks. Results may vary.

Some of our products contain active and concentrated ingredients. Patch tests are best  with all beauty products; hair, body, and skincare. If any adverse reaction occurs cease use. Please note that adverse reactions are rare and are not common.